Selected Projects


Christopher Vandegrift is a writer and artist whose practice spans film, experimental music, and poetics. His writing has appeared in the Western Humanities Review and has been covered on Jacket2 and The Conversant. His work has been exhibited internationally – at venues including ISEA 2015, the Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art, Galerie Wechselstrom, and LUMA Westbau. His debut book, Policy Pete’s Dream Book, is forthcoming later this year.




Bachelor of Arts, Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania, 2013.



2016     Policy Pete's Dream Book. (Forthcoming).
2015 "Collocations," in Western Humanities Review, vol. 69, no. 1. Salt Lake City, Utah: Utah Humanities Research Foundation, 2015.
2014 “Sluice,” in the chapbook Pataphysical Arts Night. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 2014.

Group Exhibitions

2016     Räume für Notizen | Rooms for Notes. Galerie Wechselstrom, Vienna.
2015 New Text. ISEA 2015, Vancouver, B.C.
2015 Asemic: Art, Graphics and Photography. The Spiral, Malta.
2014 Open Video Call. Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art.
2014 "Poetry will be made by all!”. LUMA/Westbau, Zürich.


2014     Philadelphia à la Pataphysique. Festival and academic conference. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, March 20.
2014 Futures of Visual Anthropology. Academic conference. Temple University, Philadelphia, April 4.
2013 Open Video Call. Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art, October 23.

Presentations and Discussions

2015     "Oneirocritica Redux Redux," Peripheral Knowledge lecture series. Art/Assembly, Philadelphia, June 7.
2015 "Oneirocritica Redux," Poetry and Poetics seminar series. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, February 10.
2014 “The Poetics of Error,” The Contours of Algorithmic Life academic conference. University of California, Davis, May 16.
2014 Moderator, “Flow Dynamics: Obstacles and Avenues for Contemporary Poetic Expression”, screening and panel discussion, Screening Scholarship Media Festival 2014. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, March 8.

Selected Readings

2016     Ptyxolopies 2: Posthuman Poetics Nighght, Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, New York. April 22.
2014     Principal Hand Presents Finale, l’Etage, Philadelphia, July 24.
2013     Principal Hand Presents, l’Etage, Philadelphia, November.


2016     Organizer (with Arjun Shankar and Aaron Levy), The Unruly Classroom, The Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA. April 26-May 6.
2016     Curator, Changing Delineations/Delineating Change, William Pepper Hall Gallery, Penn Museum. Philadelphia, PA. April 1-2.

Press Bibliography

2015     Joe Milutis, "Bright arrogance, gallery C: Speed, Erotics, Emergence," Jacket2, June 24, 2015.
2015 Caleb Beckwith, "Christopher Vandegrift and Caleb Beckwith," The Conversant, April 1, 2015. Interview.